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Olde Auburn Ale House

Olde Auburn Ale House

124 Tichenor Ave.

Auburn, AL. 36830

(334) 821-6773

   Olde auburn ale house has been a labor of love for owners Daryl Cargile, Michael Chávez and Theresa Chávez. The three imitated plans for opening a brew pub in auburn in 1998. Finding the perfect location was the greatest challenge, as the Alabama ABC law requires brew pubs to be in county that had brewing prior to prohibition, and to be located in a building eligible for National History Register.

   Lee County was not previously approved county. After detailed research, the trio found that phoenix city had been annexed by Lee County prior to 1932 and during that time had two operating breweries. This satisfied that ABC’s first requirement. The Auburn Bulletin Building constructed by Felton Little in 1937 satisfied the second as it housed Auburn’s first newspaper.

   Brewing good beer at Olde Auburn Ale House becomes an art only after the right tools are assembled and a delicate brewing process is followed to the letter. Welcome in cracked malted barley and hot water in the mash tun, Mashing activates the enzymes in the malted barley, converting soluble starches to sugar. In just a short period of time, liquid “mash” becomes sweet.