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Bristol Brewing Company

Bristol Brewing Company

1647 South Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

(719) 633-2555

     In June of 1994, Bristol Brewing Company settled comfortably in the lap of Pikes Peak and began hand-brewing flavorful, one-of-a-kind ales for the people of Colorado. Our mission was to make beer that called to mind three things: quality, purity, and sanity.

    That's why we make our ales using only natural ingredients. You will find us on draught and in bottles at fabulous bars and restaurants throughout the state as well as in six packs at your favorite liquor store. So, if you should get your hands on a Bristol beer, know that it was brewed fresh no more than a few hours from where you're sitting.

 We take extra care to make our beers better because we like to drink them. We hope you will, too.



Rookies Brewing Company Colorado's First Microbrewery

Rockies Brewing Company
2880 Wilderness Place

Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 444-8448

   Rockies Brewing Company, makers of Boulder Beer, is Colorado's First Microbrewery. 

   In 1979 two CU professors applied for and received the 43rd brewing license issued in the U.S., creating Colorado's first microbrewery in a goat shed northeast of Boulder.  Five years later, the brewery moved to its current site and has since expanded from an original one-barrel brewing system to a state-of-the-art 50 barrel brewhouse and top-of-the-line bottling system with a capacity of 43,000 barrels annually. 

   Since 1990, Brewmaster David Zuckerman has overseen the production of brews including Colorado favorites Buffalo Gold and Singletrack Copper Ale that have garnered more than 20 national and international medals in prestigious beer competitions.  2002 saw the introduction of the popular Looking Glass Series of beers, including the dry-hopped Hazed and Infused, which uses a blend of crysal and centennial hops for a unique aroma, and MoJo India Pale Ale, featuring a massive amount of Amarillo hops for a dynamic citrus finish.



Great Divide Brewing Company

Great Divide Brewing Company
2201 Arapahoe Street
Denver, Colorado  80205

(303) 296-9460

   Great Divide’s carefully balanced creations feature the ambitious flavors that demanding beer connoisseurs crave, and a subtlety that converts mainstream beer drinkers into craft beer lovers. This unyielding commitment to beer quality has paid off for Great Divide, in the form of seven medals at the Great American Beer Festival and four medals at the World Beer Cup.

   Great Divide’s beers are perfectly suited to life at the foot of the Rocky Mountains – ambitious, exciting and refreshing. Experience Great Divide’s beers for yourself, and experience Colorado beer as it was meant to be.

  "Great Minds Drink Alike®"



Ska Brewing Company

Ska Brewing Company
545 Turner Drive

Durango, Colorado 81301

(970)  247-5792

    Ska Brewing took shape in 1995 out of a love of brewing and drinking finely crafted beers; listening and dancing to ska music. Beyond that, the correlation between ska and beer isn't exactly cut and dry -- besides the fact that it's difficult to get through many a ska CD without catching a few references to beer. And, of course, whenever we listen to ska, we're drinking beer. And then I guess there's those scooter rally pub tours, but we're not huge advocates of drunken scootering. Nonetheless, each has a fascinating history.
    Although there is evidence dating beer back to the Sumerians nearly 5000 years ago, ska can only be traced to Jamaica in the late 1950's. The three of us, however, have a different theory: Traces of beer residue have been found in clay pots dating back almost 4000 years on the western Skattish island of Rhum. Coincidentally, Bill Graham's roots trace back to Rhum--2000 B.C.--stone etchings of some sort of neanderthal with a bagpipe device, drinking pot, and checkered socks. It is here, within the lifetime of Bill Graham's great, to the fifth power, grandfather, that we believe the true roots of beer and ska lie. In 200 years, when people are skanking on the moon in their gravity bubbles tipping back the Ten Pin Porter, it'll all make sense.