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Boulevard Brewing Company

Boulevard Brewing Co.

2501 Southwest Boulevard

Kansas City, MO 64108

(816) 474-7095

   Established in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Co., is the first brewery to open in Kansas City, Mo., in more than half a century.  We’ve grown to be among the largest and most respected specialty brewers in the Midwest.  Boulevard is dedicated to the craft of producing fresh, flavorful beers using traditional brewing and methods. 

   Boulevard offers four beers year round: Pale Ale, Unfiltered Wheat, Bully!Porter and Dry Stout (all available in bottles and draft), as well as four seasonal beers: a springtime bit of luck, Irish Ale (available in bottles and draft), a summertime favorite, ZON, a fall classic, Bob’s ’47 and a winter holiday treat, Nutcracker Ale (all available in bottles).



Hermann Brewing Company Float infront of brewery

Hermann Brewing Company
120 E. Fourth Street
Hermann, MO  65041
(573) 486-HOPS

  We brew with only whole leaf hops from the Yakima Valley.

   "Since 1996, plans for Hermann Brewing Company have taken shape.  Hermann's First and Only Brewery since Prohibition opened for business on October 5, 2002 and recently celebrated its 2nd "Anniversary of the First Brew" on September 11, 2004, which commemorates the first batch of beer produced in Hermann in nearly 100 years and the very first since prohibition.
   During their "research missions", our founders traveled to more than 15 states and visited nearly 100 microbreweries and brewpubs to bring consumers a truly unique experience. 
   Ours is not a corporate chain brewpub - our brewery is very small.  We are only open weekends because we, the owners, make our own beer during the week.  Our establishment is constantly evolving, just like life itself.  "Come visit us soon!"

   Education is at the forefront of our public relations activities at our facility and beyond.  We strive to educate consumers not only on the brewing process, but also on craft-brewing ingredients.  I have often found it difficult to obtain good images of hops, so we use actual hops from our brewer's stock for educational purposes~we have jars of our hops on the tasting bar, so consumers can see them and savor their aroma.  I advise our staff and customers NOT to bite into them (a mistake I made early on)!  We also have clusters of hops and wheat in vase arrangements on all of our table tops, in lieu of flowers.  We have custom art work on the walls of our pub that incorporated flowering hops. 


Route 66 Brewery & Restaurant

Route 66 Brewery & Restaurant

1820 Market Street

St. Lewis, MO. 63103

(314) 231-4677

   Route 66 was known as the "Main Street of America", taking travelers from Chicago to Los Angeles. Our brewpub celebrates this important piece of Americana with décor from this bygone era. Our brewing staff takes pride in producing only the best local beers with a flavor that reflects the history and nostalgia of Route 66. Our beers are matched with our menu items to create the ideal brewery experience. Seasonal beers are announced regularly.

  "We brew it...we drink it...we sell what's left!"