Books & Articles

Standards of Brewing


 Bamforth, Charles: "Standards of Brewing: A Practical Approach to Consistency and Excellence" (Brewers Publications 2002); "Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing" (Plenum Press 1998. ISBN: 0306457970).

Brewing Quality Beer


 Burch, Byron: "Brewing Quality Beers" (Joby Books. ISBN: 0960428410).

Designing Great Beers


Daniels, Ray: "Designing Great Beers" (Brewers Publications 1996. ISBN: 0937381500); "Hop Physiology and Chemistry" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997).

Principals of Brewing Science


Fix, George: "Principals of Brewing Science" (Second Edition, Brewers Publications 1999. ISBN: 0937381748); "An Analysis of Brewing Techniques" (Co-written with Laurie Fix, Brewers Publications 1997. ISBN: 0937381470 ).

Using Hops


Garetz, Mark: "Using Hops" (Hop Tech 1994. ISBN: 0964078503); "Hop Storage" (Brewing Techniques, Jan. 1994).

Malting and Brewing Science Volume 2


Hough, J.S.; Briggs, D.E.; Stevens, R.; Young, T.W.: "Malting and Brewing Science Volume 2", "Hopped Wort & Beer" (Chapman and Hall 1982. ISBN 0412165902).

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Home Brewing


   Korzonas, Al: "Home Brewing" (Paperback Textbook 1997), "Brewing Made Easy", Co-written with Fisher, Dennis (Storey Books 1996).



  Lewis, Michael & Young, Tom W.: "Brewing" (Second Edition, Plenum Publishers 2002. ISBN: 0306472740).

The Brewers Companion


 Mosher, Randy: "The Brewers Companion" (Alephenalia Press 1995. ISBN: 0964041014), "Zymurgy's Guide to Hops Poster" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997).

The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing


 Papazian, Charlie: "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing" (Avon Books 1991. ISBN: 0380763664)

Zymurgy Magazine

Zymurgy Magazine: "Hops, Hops and More Hops!" (Zymurgy Magazine Nov./Dec. 2001), "The Classic Guide to Hops" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997), "Hops and Beer" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1990).