Our Mission: To preserve, protect, and display historical equipment, photos and artifacts to be used as a means for the education of the public on the 400 year history of Humulus lupulus (Hop) in the United States.   

To share our mission with more people, the Museum continues with their master plan --- a blueprint for the future to strengthen our collections, facilities and educational programs. Its continued implementation over the coming decades means new collections, displays, providing outstanding examples of the hop heritage in America.   

The museum chronicles the history of the American Hop industry from its early days in the New England colonies to the rapid expansion into California and ultimately the Pacific Northwest.   

Escape the frustration of the city and journey back in time. The American Hop Museum, located in the heart of the nation's largest hop producing area, features striking exhibitions and intriguing displays.

 Improved exhibit labeling, videos, interpretive signs, more accessible library will enrich the experience of the visitor.   

Our collections and displays continue to grow through your donations.  

Unlike some museums, the AmericanHopMuseum does not receive tax support. All donations are tax deductible. We are a Non-Profit Organization, incorporated under I.R.C. 501 © (3)   

PERMANENT MEMBERS: Any person or entity making a single or cumulatively contributions of $10,000 or more shall be considered a life time member.

Membership Options

Participating $25+

Family $50+

Associate $100+

Benefactor $250+

Corporate $500+

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