There are many varieties of hops throughout the world. Each variety has a distinctive signature combining cultivation qualities, bitterness, flavor and aroma, lending uniqueness to the beer in which it is used. Until the middle of this century, the traditional European hop-growing areas each grew one variety only, based on agricultural and climatic conditions. The variety that proved most prolific and hardy when grown in a particular soil and climate became dominant.

BULLION - A bittering hop with an American aroma

CASCADE - Unique floral character, defines pale ale

CENTENNIAL - Higher alpha acid than Cascade

CHINOOK - High alpha with resiny grapefruit aroma

CLUSTER - Original American hop with a ‘cattiness”

COLUMBUS - Highly productive, super high-alpha variety

CRYSTAL - Fine Hallertauer character, Ultra clean

EROICA - Pungent English flavor for generalbittering

FUGGLE - Traditional hop for darker beer

GALENA - Pungent English flavor

HALLERTAUER - Traditional superior aroma hop

HERSBRUCKER- A highly regarded German aroma hop

KENT GOLDING - Undisputed finest ale hop worldwide

LIBERTY - Somewhat floral and fruity

MOUNTHOOD - American disease resistant clone

NORTHERN BREWER - Neutral taste & multipurpose

NUGGET - High-alpha, delicate & pleasant aroma

PERLE - Higher alpha and spicier flavor

U.S. SAAZ - Very limited, resembles Czech Saaz

SPALT - Classic ‘noble’ aroma for lagers

TETTNANGER - Traditional aroma with soft spiciness

ULTRA - Outstanding aroma & high alpha levels

WILLAMETTE - American-grown for darker beer

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